Aug 9, 2019



The Japanese are known for upholding their culture by maintaining unique items for a long time. One of the popular items from Japan is Zori. These are comfortable sandals that enhance the circulation of air around the legs.

The country faces a humid climate that makes people look for the most comfortable shoes. According to their culture, the Japanese are known for putting shoes on and off constantly. They tend to remove shoes at the door. Zori solved the shoes on and off problem in the region.

Every type of shoe goes with a particular garment. Zori is a type of flat sandal that is mostly worn with a kimono. The Japanese wear these sandals during traditional events and festivals. If you require a comfortable pair of shoes that is also versatile, you should consider getting this traditional footwear. These sandals are made from different materials such as rubber, leather, wood, or rice straw.

They are known to be durable and convenient to use. The materials used to make these sandals are non-slip and shock absorbent. They, therefore, enhance safety while walking on different surfaces. Zori has a similar appearance as conventional flip flops.

You can wear these sandals casually or formally. It is possible to accessorize zori to suit different situations. For instance, In Japan, these sandals are covered in ornate fabric to make them look flashy when attending weddings. Some people also come up with a vinyl zori for less formal events.

Unlike other shoe types, zori is a unisex sandal. The sole of these shoes varies in their thickness and angles. While some of them are flat, others are a bit raised. The raised tip of these sandals can prevent toe stubbing. Zori comes with some padded straps that make them comfortable on your feet for hours.

They can get wet and dry quickly without any problems. Since zori is light-weight, it prevents hip and leg fatigue. Zori provides orthotic benefits to wearers. If you have lower back pain, using these sandals can minimize this. It provides high arc support to preserve the structure of your feet.

Authentic zori also helps your spine maintain the right angle so that you can walk upright. This sandal can enhance good posture. If you have an active lifestyle, you will like the versatility of zori. You can wear them at the pool, while surfing, beach walking or in sports activities.

The ergonomic design of zori makes it a popular sandal not only in Japan but also in other regions. The problem with conventional shoes is that they tend to bind the feet and crush your toes together. This is what causes unhealthy foot conditions. Zori, on the other hand, allows the feet to breathe naturally, preventing such conditions.

The soled slip-on contains a V-shaped thong which secures the slip-on in the right position. You can get them in different sizes and colors. Ensure you purchase zori from a reputable source so that you get original ones. Taking off zori sandals is hard due to their high comfort level.