Aug 1, 2019

Yakitori Grills (with reviews!)


One of the oldest cooking techniques in Japan is open grilling. If you like grilled food, you should invest in a yakitori grill. You can use this mechanism to prepare grilled chicken. The grill allows you to skewer and cook the meat over low heat. 

The traditional Japanese grill comes with a wire mesh or a grid on the top part. You can place the food you want to grill on the open surface. Here are some of the most common yakitori grills you should consider getting.

The Bincho grill 

If you want a grill that does not limit you to particular meals, choose this type. You can use it to grill different meat types, vegetables, fish, and even poultry. This is made from stainless steel that enhances its durability. 

Even professionals approve the use of this yakitori grill. Though it is common in restaurants, you can still buy it for home use. It comes in double walls and seamless welds. You can also adjust the windows of your grill to regulate the circulation of air. 

· It is easy to maintain 
· The available handles enhance portability 

· You may experience problems trying to set it up for the first time

Isumer Charcoal grill 

Do you go camping a lot and need a grill that you can bring along? Choose Isumer charcoal grill. Since this has folding parts, you can quickly move it from one area to another. This yakitori grill is also made using stainless steel and is well polished. It is not only easy to clean but also durable. Unlike grills that contain wood handles, this is not prone to cracking. 

Isumer charcoal grill is also ideal for any skewers. It contains air vents on both ends to regulate the temperature during grilling. The authentic grill also comes with an ash catcher that enhances clean up. 

· Adjustable air vents 
· Comes with detachable legs 
· The grill pan is also non-stick 

· The size can make you grill for long when you have a large group 

Kushi infrared smokeless grill 

With this grill, you don't have to prepare your gilled meals from your yard. Thanks to the use of infrared technology, the grill allows you to prepare meals while indoors without worrying about excess smoke. It offers a consistent temperature that saves you cooking time since you can make your favorite meals within seconds. Since most of the parts are detachable, you can easily clean it after use and avoid stains. 

· It is easy to clean 
· Can grill almost anything 

· The center part of this grill does not get hot enough

Vevor Portable charcoal grill 

Yakitori grills from Japan are known to be of high quality, and Vevor portable is no exception. This is equipped with non- slip rubber feet that boost the stability of your device. The materials used make it corrosion resistant. It is also lightweight and portable. At the bottom of the grill is a charcoal holding grid that holds the hot charcoal secure as the ash forms. Both ends of the grill are well ventilated to boost airflow. 

· It is easy to assemble and clean 
· The grill resists high temperature 
· Allows even heat distribution 

· It can corrode after prolonged use 


Yakitori grills make many people enjoy grilling. The cooking method is not only fun but also helps you come up with tasty meals that your family will love. Get any of the grills above and perfect your cooking skills.