Jul 30, 2019

Yakiniku Grill


Do you often hold Barbecues for your friends and family at home? Having a great time with people you care about is priceless. You can make the experience worth it by buying an original grill from Japan. The Japanese are well known for their delicious foods. They have a unique talent for grilling different kinds of meat. Their secret lies in using the Yakiniku Grill.

What is a yakiniku grill?

Yakiniku means grilled meat in the region. It comes from two words namely, yaki and niku. The term Yakiniku was initially known as western bbq food during the Meiji period in 1872. Yakiniku hotels were established to serve customers who loved grilled foods. Today, yakiniku is known as the Japanese style of cooking meat. The grill sits on top of the burner. It also features a removable grill plate and drip tray.

Grilling food over an open flame is one of the oldest cooking methods in the Japanese tradition. Back in the day, a Japanese family could assemble in the living room to use the open fire for cooking and warmth. They initially relied on charcoal yakiniku grills to prepare different dishes. Some of the cooking techniques used in the past are still popular up to today.

The types of yakiniku grills

Japan has been able to come up with different kinds of Yakiniku grills suitable for various settings. While some of the grills are ideal for home settings, others are used at Yakiniku restaurants. You can buy various forms of yakiniku grills such as gas, charcoal, hibachi, or ceramic grill depending on your specific needs. Though each type uses a different mechanism, they can all help you enjoy an awesome dining experience as you cook delicious grilled foods.

Where Yakiniku grills are used

If you have never used a yakiniku grill before, you can first test the waters by dining from a Japanese restaurant. While some of them cook your special meal on your behalf, others give you the chance to prepare it yourself from your table. Feel free to explore mouth-watering grilled cuisines from such areas before you buy your own grill.

When the restaurant prepares grilled food for you, they cook the raw ingredients on a grill that is built into a table. They improve the taste of the elements by dipping them in sauces such as tare before serving. This is what makes Japanese yakiniku restaurants quite popular. They grill all kinds of meat including pork, beef, and chicken. You can also hold a party at a yakiniku restaurant with friends. In this case, you should be aware of the yakiniku etiquette as a respect of their culture.

Buying a yakiniku grill

Different sources advertise yakiniku grills to customers. If you want to buy one, you should compare the forms so that you can find the right one. They not only come in different forms but also sizes. For instance, the yakiniku medium grill has a cooking surface of up to 33 cm. This means that you can share the surface with five other people at the same time. The grill is also made of up thick ceramic which enhances heat retention. This makes your dishes juicy and tender.

Since the ceramic wall is resistant to various temperatures, it is possible to use this grill in any condition. You can even prepare grilled dishes during the winter. Buying this yakiniku grill puts you in control of the

temperature. It comes with some wooden handles so that you don't burn your hand as you open the lid of the pan. After grilling, clean the yakiniku grill and store it in a shed.