Aug 13, 2019

Tenugui - Japanese multipurpose towels


The Japanese handcraft most of their objects, and tenugui is one of them. This is a piece of fabric that once you figure outs its purpose, you cannot survive without. It comes in gorgeous patterns that makes it ideal for numerous uses.

Initially, the fabrics that were used to make the tenugui were cotton, silk, or hemp. It contains soft edges and looks like a regular rag. The name originates from the words wipe and hand. While some people use this piece of fabric as a rag, others use it as a handtowel during the hot summer days.

It measures 1 foot wide and 3 feet long and comes in an ideal shape that makes it a useful fashion accessory. You can also utilize it as a headband of a gift wrapper. The tenugui in itself is also a gift. Though the Furokishiki is also used to wrap some gifts, the various shapes of objects need different sizes of cloth. That is when people in Japan e consider using tenugui to wrap some presents. Others also use tenugui as a canvas. They hung it up for viewing since it is considered a critical element in fine artistry.

The tenugui has existed since the Heian period. During this period, people considered tenugui as a luxury item. Since more fabric techniques were introduced, the tenugui started being made from other materials. It, therefore, became an affordable piece of fabric that could be used for everyday needs. Since it is lightweight, you can quickly move around with it even as you do your errands.

Trying the tenugui on your head

Both men and women can tie this authentic piece as a headscarf. Some people tie it on their hand during showering then use it to dry their bodies as a towel. Kendo fighters also tie the scarf on their heads to keep their hair from their faces before wearing a headgear they call bogu. It also offers additional padding below the bogu.

If you want to tie this scarf over your head, hold the corners of the long edges over your forehead then draw the scarf back over the head. Once you have wrapped the corners around the forehead, lift its veil over the head and try to fold it in.

Where to buy a tenugui and how to purchase one

All of the stores in Japan sell this piece. You can also get one from a traditional souvenir outlet. Though such places sell tenugui, you can get a unique piece from the team of Kamwanu. This is a contemporary producer of tenugui that is recognized globally. They produce different variations of tenugui by incorporating unique design motifs from around the world.

You can also purchase the tenugui from online sources such as Amazon. As you buy one, you should look at the quality of the material used in the make and its authenticity. Have in mind the intended purpose and get one that suits your specific needs. Ensure that the label reads made in Japan. You should get one with ease and at a reasonable price.