Mar 18, 2018

Tamagoyaki pan - The best tamagoyaki pans for sale


If you have ever been to Japan or to a good Japanese restaurant you must have seen tamagoyaki. Tamagoyaki is often served at izakaya’s as a stand-alone dish, or added as a topping on sushi. This Japanese style omelette is made by rolling together multiple layers of baked egg. The chef has to carefully add layer after layer, making sure the texture and consistence stays perfect. If you have watched this process you might have noticed that these Japanese omelettes are usually made in a square frying pan, also known as tamagoyaki pan or makiyakinabe.

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[caption id="attachment_169" align="alignnone" width="768"] Tamagoyaki pans for sale in the Nitori (ニトリ) in Japan.[/caption]

Tamagoyaki pans can be found in a variety of types, colors and sizes. There are basically three different kind of tamagoyaki pans, the Kantō-type, the Kansai-type and the Nagoya-type. The Kantō-type pans have a square shape (the width equals the length of the pan), the Kansai-types have a larger length than width, and the Nagoya-type pans have are very wide compared to the length. All these pans often come with a wooden lid, which is mainly used to flip the egg over.

Tamagoyaki pans can be made from many different materials. There are copper pans (which are considered the best, but come at a price.) , but also ceramic and cast iron tamagoyaki pans for sale. Some come with a small spatula that can be used when preparing the tamagoyaki, or with a wooden lid to help you flip over the omelette. When buying a tamagoyaki pan you might also consider buying long cooking chopsticks, which are often used in Japan to prepare tamagoyaki.

When you start making tamagoyaki by yourself for the first time we recommend you watch some videos online with instructions on how to use a tamagoyaki pan. A lot of good recipes can be found online, and there are a lot of flavour variations possible.

If you are in Japan you might consider buying a nice tamagoyaki pan at shops like Daiso. If you do not happen to be in Japan, then Amazon might be your best place to purchase a tamagoyaki pan. To help you navigate all the options we took the liberty of writing some tamagoyaki pan reviews,

so you can purchase the best tamagoyaki pan.