Apr 2, 2019

Paper floor lamp


One way of making your home unique and classy is adding a paper floor lamp to some rooms such as the living room and the study area. Though floor lamps are diverse, the soft element, paper matches well with lighting to provide a calming ambiance.

They come in different styles such as rice paper floor lamp and crinkle paper floor lamp. Getting the right floor lamp can help you create an excellent look for your home. Through our discussion, we will guide you on choosing the right paper floor lamp and inform you every detail regarding these gorgeous lamps. Read on!

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The history of paper floor lamps

Isamu Noguchi a Japanese- American sculptor visited the Gifu City in Japan in 1951. The mayor requested him to revitalize paper lanterns since the industry that was making candlelit lamps was in a poor state. This made him develop electrically lit lamps which were known as the Akari Light Sculptures.

He managed to come up with different styles including impressive paper floor lamps. He handcrafted the original lamps using shoji paper and named them Akari. According to the Japanese, the name Akari means light symbolizing both physical lightness and illumination.

The Japanese later started emulating his designs in hand making sculptures. People used different designs to create table and floor lamps. Among the most striking ones are the paper mache floor lamp and the lamp that mimics the biological circuit board.

We now have all kinds of paper floor lamps that add warmth and bring out the elegance to our homes. New lamps now make use of LED lighting which makes them both efficient and cost-effective.

Why do you need a paper floor lamp?

A floor lamp with paper shade not only makes your home look more welcoming at night but also protects your eyes against the direct light. It boosts the general ambiance and prevents your eyes from straining. Excess light is harmful to your eyes. The quality of light from such as lamp should be soft rather than merely bright.

You can also make a small room appear larger with the use of a floor lamp that reflects off the walls. You can use a floor lamp with rice paper shade on a space to set up the mood and make space livelier. They provide that soft glow in a room.

How to choose a paper floor lamp

For you to select a paper floor lamp that matches your needs, you should understand the process. Let the following factors guide you.

1.The size of your room

While selecting your paper floor lamp, consider the size of your room and the height of your ceiling. To get the right lamp, you need to take measurements of the lamp taking into account its circumference and height as you gauge it against the intended space. A high ceiling matches well with a tall lamp.

Also, choose the right lamp for different rooms. For instance, your living room needs a lamp such as the paper lantern floor lamp that creates a new atmosphere. Being the heart of the home, you need an attractive lamp that is welcoming and versatile.

2. Purpose

People also choose floor lamps for different reasons. Some may be merely for decoration purposes while others may be for working purposes. You may need a lamp that is a statement piece standing out among any other decorative features such as wall colors or your furniture. A Japanese paper floor lamp can draw attention. Have in mind that an authentic lamp of this kind can be more costly than a simple one.

If you need one to act as the primary source of light, you should choose a tall paper floor lamp. For reading or working, you can choose a lamp that contains adjustable shades for it to direct light in a specific area. Such a lamp should also be easy to maneuver when handling different tasks. Get one that comes with a good height if your purpose is reading.

3. Portability

Some paper floor lamps are also more portable than others. Pick a lamp that is light enough if you plan to move it around. Do you have small kids who play around the house? You should consider a heavy lamp with a strong base to prevent them from knocking it off quickly. A wide base also increases stability. You can select bases that are made from materials such as metal, wood or ceramic.

4. The presence of a lampshade

A paper floor lamp shade adds color and style to your lamp. It also decreases light intensity protecting your eyes from direct light. You can either choose to buy a floor lamp that comes with the shade or customize your shade from a desirable material. For instance, the rice paper floor lamp shade is a suitable choice. Ensure that you do paper floor lamp shade replacement after some time to ensure proper maintenance of your lamp.


Paper floor lamps contemporary designs are numerous. You can choose the classic or tree design according to your preference. Most people go for the classic design. Floor lamps also come in different finishes including antique bronze, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze. A good finish makes the maintenance easy and also increases the lifespan of your lamp.

Final thoughts

Paper floor lamps are gradually replacing conventional lightbulbs that we are used to. They are safer for your eyes and add warmth to a room. We believe you now understand why you need to make the switch and have the right strategy get one that fulfills your needs. Your home deserves the upgrade!