Shakuhachi – the Japanese flute

The Shakuhachi is a common Japanese music instrument. All Shakuhachi are made from authentic yellow green bamboo stalks. The traditional authentic Shakuhachi is made from a bamboo species known as the madake. The Shakuhachi has a delicate manufacturing process that

Butsudan – the holy grail

The Butsudan is a common household Japanese altar. Offerings are made of the Butsudan to ask from protection from the ancestor’s spirits. In essence, it looks like a wooden cabinet carved by a master carpenter from high quality material. Departed

HANGIRI – the sushi expert

Hangiri is a beautiful and traditional rice mixing tab that was originally wooden and is used to make sushi rice. It works by absorbing rice water to allow the rice to reach a perfect consistency. The authentic hangiri is crafted

Paper floor lamp

One way of making your home unique and classy is adding a paper floor lamp to some rooms such as the living room and the study area. Though floor lamps are diverse, the soft element, paper matches well with lighting

Zaisu – Japanese floor chair

Do you pay attention to the arrangement of your dining room? Among the well-known Chinese gastronomes (people who study the relationship between cultures and food and the science behind good cooking) was Yuan Mei, who lived in the 18th Century. He