Are you young and yet to get married? You could qualify to wear a furisode in a social event such as a wedding. Though many people generalize a kimono as a single piece of attire, this garment comes in different


The Japanese are keen on not only what they wear but also the accessories they choose to accompany different garments. Since the head is the most crucial part of the body, they put on ornamental hairpins as part of their


One of the first things that cross our minds when we think about Japan is their traditional garments. The kimono is a famous outfit that people from this country take pride in. It has also gained global recognition as people


Fundoshi refers to a traditional undergarment that has its origins in Japan. It is specifically designed for men. The material that is used to make this underwear is cotton. Those who support its use swear by its benefits. According to


The Japanese are known for upholding their culture by maintaining unique items for a long time. One of the popular items from Japan is Zori. These are comfortable sandals that enhance the circulation of air around the legs. The country