Apr 8, 2019

Noren Curtain - Japanese door curtain


What better way to make your home more personalised that style it to your own preference? I find that personified homes are more cosy and warm and will make you happy and stress free. Most people value their privacy and also keeping their home stylish, which is exactly what the Noren curtain does.

If you are into Japanese home décor, the Noren curtain is a must have. It serves multiple functions aside from juts being a curtain. They can help you style your home, divide the rooms, function as great curtains, double up as art and do many other amazing things in your home. the unique, beautiful and calming patterns of the Noren will add some culture and elegance to your home.

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A brief history of the Noren curtains

In the Jomon era, Japanese ancestors wove curtains from natural materials such as reeds, long grass and larger leaves. They helped create a barrier between the outdoor elements and living spaces. They evolved over centuries and were created in different materials. Noren first appeared during the Heian period where it was used for several things, not just as a curtain. The main use of the Noren back then was to protect goods left outside the shop and also guard the entrances. They were originally used by people of all households as a simple cloth to guard against the dust, wind, sun, and to add some privacy. Later, the Japanese started dying and adding prints to their curtains, which led to the birth of the modern day Noren.

What are Noren curtains? How to use Japanese curtains

Noren curtains are just like fabric dividers. They are hung in doors, windows and on walls that separate two rooms. They come in different shapes and sizes and are made in multiple patterns, colors and materials.

It is common to see them in Japanese pubs, ramen restaurants shops, sushi counters and onsen. In shops, they are used to display the business name so they are clearly part of the brand. Interior Noren are popular in homes and public spaces. In Japanese restaurants, Noren curtains are a sign that the place is open and in business. Their most common use it to make compartments and divide big rooms into completely separate areas. One of the best Noren for this kind of use is the katsuyuki. As room dividers, they make it easy to walk through without permanently splitting the spaces.

Are you looking for something that will keep your house cool during the hot weather or help retain heat in the cold weather? You do not have to go electronic if you do not want to. You can use them in your home for this. The Japanese Noren curtain can also guard your home or business from smoke, dust, and poor smells.

Choosing the best Japanese Noren curtains

Most Japanese traditional curtains are made of one or two vertical panels. The curtains are made in various materials and styles. The style has not changed that much since the ancient times therefore they look very traditional but they also fit into any home décor to give off an elegant look.

They provide you with some privacy in the business place but still allow light to pass through to your room. They include sleeved for an easy set up in the rod.

You can choose a Noren curtain to hand as a decorative item more than a room divider. Decorative Noren curtains are usually short and will please you if you want to add a Japanese traditional touch to your home. Decorative Noren are made in cotton and easy to manage.

There are multiple Noren designs you can use as home dividers. Choose a simple, solid color that will fit into your interior home décor. The great thing about dividers is that they separate you home while still letting in some air flow. Make sure they are long enough so they can separate the room fully.

If you are focusing more on the traditional designs, you should go for it. authentic Noren curtains are made of cotton. The famous katushika Noren are more traditional with style and material. If you are one to look at the quality of the material, you will have to g beyond the budget. Traditional Noren curtains are more expensive because of quality and designs. some of the famous traditional prints include the bamboo leaves and cherry blossoms.

Noren rods

Once you have chosen the type of Noren curtain you want, you will need to match it with the right rod. Essentially, you can use any curtain rods to hand the nores. If you want a traditional style, you can get yourself the bamboo style curtain rods. Bamboo rods are sturdy and give off a natural look in your home.

More modern styled rods are made of steel or plastic but the work well with Noren curtains. If you cannot afford t put up a bamboo rod, you could get one designed kike wood to retain the traditional Japanese look. The Noren is light so it should be easy to set up.

How to care for your Noren curtains

Noren curtains are not just like your normal curtains. They are made of different materials and use an entirely different process to make. So how do you care for them? Noren curtains should be hand washed with lukewarm water. Pour the water into a big container and diolve a small amount of detergent. Do not use strong detergent or ones with bleach because they will lower the quality of your curtain. Wash the Noren alone to prevent any kind of color transfer during the while process. Do not use the rub method while you are washing the Noren, gently press it in the water for a few minutes. Do not squeeze the Noren. Dry it off by using a bath towel then dehydrate it in your washing machine or sir dry it. Finally, smoothen it out by ironing in high temperature.

Final word

If you have a more traditional Japanese themed home, you have to buy the Noren curtains to complete the look not only does it give you privacy and add some freshness to your home but it also counts as a piece of art.