Mar 2, 2020



It’s so traditional that Japanese people love to taste kakigori dessert as part of their eating habits. Kakigori is a shaved ice dessert top with delicious syrup, fruits, and condensed milk. Japanese people fun to eat this probably during summertime, and it can be even much better to be bought on different beaches and festivals.

Better than some Japanese families can be able to make their own homemade kakigori dessert with the help of kakigori machine. It is an ice shaver machine well much introduced and marketed by Japan. It can help much for the easy and fast preparation of kakigori dessert.

Kakigori machine has been introduced by Japan to help Japanese people prepare kakigori in an easy and traditional way. Kakigori machines are well known in different Japanese stores. This machine was very much popular because it becomes more necessary to all Japanese people in terms of making their desserts most probably during the hot season.

You may even ask where you can buy or get the Kakigori machine without any worries of handling it as soon as you need it already. Maybe you can find it in different famous or well-known Japanese stores so that you are sure that you can buy an authentic one. You can find kakigori machines at larger supermarkets or even at home stores. Make sure that it can be both hand-operated and electrically operated too. I can best recommend you AKAZUKI, one of the famous Japanese stores.

Kakigori machines also differ in sizes, and it has something to do with the results of how many cups you will be able to make out of the kind of kakigori machine you bought. Also, you can even make well different design toppings of kakigori desserts out also of types of kakigori machine you used.

Let me give you an instance, a kakigori machines with a size of 230 x 190 x 380 mm (9.1 x 7.5 x 15) and weigh 1.3 kg (2.9) can prepare or make approximately 2 cups preparation of kakigori dessert. 

Sizes and types of kakigori machines differ, and you can buy it on different authentic stores of the kakigori machine. It is much better you can directly contact a legit supplier of the kakigori machine. Some of the recommended suppliers are AKASUKI, KAKIGORI, and BARSKOR. Some stores and suppliers are giving some freebies to their customers, like giving additional cups suitable for the refilling of kakigori dessert.

The cost of the kakigori machine will depend on its size and types and will also depend on the stores and suppliers. It will surely depend on the market value of it and the demands of people, most probably the Japanese people, because they were the group of people who are much fun and enjoying kakigori desserts. 

The shipment of the kakigori machine is possible to any country. Like for instance, through, it can be possibly shipped to the Philippines.

  • LITTLE SNOVIE  2 ice shaver – premium shaved ice machine and snow cone machine with syrup samples $ 199.00
  • VIVO HOME ELECTRONIC SHAVER SNOW CONE MAKER machine silver for home and commercial use $ 56.99
  • ZENY ICE SHAVER machine electric cone maker $52.99
  • TIME FOR TREATS VKP 1101 snowflakes snow cone maker white and blue $ 17.88 
  • 6060 Great Northern Polar Pol Block ice shaver and snow cone maker $ 172.99
  • Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cut Shaved machine ice shaver $ 218.00

These mentioned kakigori machine ice shaver is among those that can be shipped by You can also visit Amazon. Com.

Among the best seller of the kakigori machine are:

  • Hawaiian ice shaved Nostalgia Ice tea maker 
  • Cuisinart SCM-snow cone maker
  • Gourami ice shaver

Since then, that Japanese people love to make kakigori dessert, it is so essential for them to provide their own kakigori machine. This way, they can, even more, prepare kakigori machine even in their own house without buying it to any store having a business of such kakigori machine. Having your own kakigori machine is less time effort, economical, convenient, and comfortable. You can easily prepare kakigori desserts of your own choice of flavors and design in just one step ahead by just having you the kakigori machine.

Buying of kakigori machine may also vary upon your budget because it can be more costly if you can just buy it in the wrong store. You may even buy, which is not an authentic one or somewhat not functioning well. In other words, you may even be a fool of some wrong kakigori stores or suppliers. So, it is much better if you have reliable suppliers of the kakigori machine, which you will not regret buying it in terms of durability and authenticity.

With regards to tracking legit suppliers of the kakigori machine, you can visit and To give you an instance of countries for producing kakigori machines are South Korea, China, or even Japan. By also tracing a good source or legit suppliers of the kakigori machine, you can, even more, choose among a wide variety of kakigori machines most especially regarding its stainless steel.

Japan sometimes gave a bargain sale or what we call a less discounted price of the kakigori machine. Some of this is DOSHISHA electronic fluffy TUROYUKI shaved ice device. JAPAN BARGAIN ice shaver maker Regular-blue. TIME FOR TREATS snow crank manual snow cone maker and ice shaver. Japan made shaved ice snow cone maker ice mold is said to be convenient to use and can produce, make, and prepares more fun, attractive, and designed kakigori desserts and even more a delicious one.

Even though those people who are inclined to have a kakigori desserts business, they may become even more aware of producing or handling different kinds of kakigori machine to even more make their business more productive in terms of satisfying their customers. Handling of different variety of kakigori machine for a purpose also of producing a wide range variety and taste and design of kakigori desserts is much better recommended to those who are in the line of kakigori desserts business. It is also best recommended for those having business of kakigori desserts to find a good suppliers of kakigori machine that can give them a large discount because they will be buying the machine at a wholesale price because they will not only need  one or two kakigori machines but even  many more most especially if their business is a well established one.

To end and sum up, KAKIGORI MACHINE is very much essential in terms of preparing kakigori desserts. It is suitable not only for people at home, in which they can make a homemade kakigori dessert but also for people who are into a business of kakigori desserts. They can prepare more kakigori desserts with the help of the kakigori machine. This results in satisfying their customers. In this connection, all are also advised to pick or find good, reliable, and legit suppliers of kakigori machine.