Apr 7, 2019

Japanese platform beds – comfort and style


A Japanese platform bed is basically a simple wooden box bed frame. It comes in a variety of styles to suit different bedroom designs. The platform beds generally create a bed without a foundation that you can rest and sleep on. The platform bed is not like regular bed frames, it features a solid raised platform or slat for the supportive platform. The mattresses are rested on the top to form a complete bed. Some platform beds have the slat permanently built into the frame while others are removable. You will not need any form of box spring or different mattress for your Japanese platform bed. You can place any type of mattress directly on the bedframe and it will fit perfectly.

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A brief history

The Japanese platform bed design is a modern duplicate of the traditional tatatimi bed. The tatami mats were bedframes made of wooden straws. The straws acted as the bed frame and were covered with Japanese futon mattress for comfort and warmth. The futon is a foldable Japanese mattress which can be stored away during the day to make the room more spacious. The mat is very easy to maintain/clean. The Japanese used buckwheat hallows pillows with the tatami bed and futon for sleeping. The incorporation of western beds and Japanese traditional beds led to the creation of the Japanese platform beds.

Different types of Japanese platform bed frames

The platform bed comes in several modern frames. The bed’s design will affect the amount of space left in your bedroom. Ensure you choose a style that will leave enough legroom,

The most basic is the plain legless; box shaped wooden Japanese platform bed. the interior surface is slightly recessed to keep the mattress from falling off the bed. This bed is very easy to assemble. It measure around 7 inches from the floor. They come in both permanent and removable wooden slats.

This basic modern king size platform is designed with two night stands and has a nice finish. If you are going for a simple and practical platform bed, the plain wooden platform with no foundation should be your choice. A basic queen size bed has a 15inch foundation. It is basically like the king size bed with the only difference being the height and the night stand.

The Japanese platform massage bed is probably the most expensive one. It is a multifunctional bed that has book shelves, a safe, high tech massage chairs and some speakers. He bed frames of this platform are made of plastic or wood and finished with classic leather. The massage bed also has a footstool with some storage space and a lamp stand. This platform is not just a bed; you can work, relax, read and use it for several other activities.

Talk of double benefits! The Japanese platform storage bed might is created for people with small spaces. It is made with wooden frames that have several storage drawers on either side instead of a solid foundation.

The Japanese style bedroom

Unlike the common beds, platform beds are easy to assemble. The fact that they do not need any bolts makes them so convenient. They are legless wooden bed frames with machine-clean lines. These bed frames add a chic, modern and minimalist look to your contemporary bedroom.

Good thing about platform beds is that they come in multiple styles that can fit all home decors; there are no limits as to how you can style your bedroom. The most common modern style is the contemporary urban bedroom design that incorporates the Japanese platform beds. For a traditional Japanese style bedroom, you should combine the platform bed with a tatami mat, a Japanese futon pillow and the Japanese futon mattresses (shikibuton).

What materials should you choose for your platform bed?

It does not matter what model bed you get; a well constructed bed should be able to give you years of service, peaceful sleep, and reduce the wear of your mattress. The wooden platform beds offer you a high weight capacity and some damage resistance which means they are durable. You could argue the same for metal frames, they are strong and sturdy. Steel and iron make for a thin and light platform bed.

You can also get a platform bed made of medium density fibreboard and particle board. This material is made of small bonded fibres. They are the cheapest form and will offer you less durability. Even so, they are sturdy and finished with veneer to give it that polished modern appearance.

The benefits of using Japanese platform beds

It is healthy for your body

Did you know that sleeping on a thick soft mattress is not necessarily healthy for your body. it could place you in a strange position causing muscle and bone misalignment. Sleeping on the flat Japanese platform bed keeps your head, hops, backs and shoulders in a straight position which prevents any health risks.

You can cater to guests and sleepovers

Don’t you just hate it when you get family and friends over and have to send them to a hotel just because you do not have extra space in your room? With the Japanese platform bed you do not have to worry about that. The platform bed leaves enough space in your room for you to place extra futon mattresses for some of your guests.

They are more comfortable for couples

Living with your significant other for the first time can cause some issues in relation to the living space. The platform beds make life easier for both of you. if you get the storage platform bed, you could each get some storage space and which also helps you keep the home neat and organised.

They guarantee you some safety

I do not know about you, but I find myself constantly falling off my bed when I have nightmares. Sometimes, I get hurt so badly and have to go to the hospital. The platform bed is only a few inches from the ground which means my chances of getting hurt when I fall of the bed are close to zero

Final thought

Buy the Japanese platform bed, not only for style but also for comfort purposes. studies show that people who sleep on platform bed are much healthier physically and mentally.