Apr 16, 2023



The Virgin-Killing Sweater is a bizarre fashion trend that has been going around the Internet for the last few days. It all started when the 21-year-old Jun Amaki from Japan decided to publish some daring pictures of herself wearing the very revealing virgin sweater.

What is a virgin killer sweater?

So what is this killing sweater (Japanese: 童貞を殺すセーター, Doutei ho Korosu Sētā)? The name itself is already quite interesting, and refers to the possibility of young virgin men “dying” from excitement when they see women wearing the sweater. In Japan, they have even coined a phrase for this: “doutei wo korosu.”

Fair enough, the virgin sweater cannot even really be called a “sweater” – it only covers part of a woman’s torso. Although the sweater leaves out the possibility of any display of cleavage, it does allow plenty of side-boob to peek through. No wonder that the jumper is also called the “side-boob sweater” or “boob turtleneck.”

Moreover, the virgin turtleneck has an open back that is deep enough to show a little bit of “butt cleavage.” Although the Western civilization would immediately deem the display of the buttocks “trashy” or even “slutty,” Japanese men find it quite kawaii (Japanese for “cute”). How about that?!

The virgin killing turtleneck is supposed to help virgin Japanese men to release built-up sexual energy. There is a growing number of Japanese men that are too shy to approach women, which increases the need to find alternative solutions for their sex “problems.” These men are believed to add to Japan’s struggle to keep the population from ageing.

Where can you buy the virgin killer sweater?

Are you not afraid to show off a little (or actually, a LOT) more skin than usual? Or do you just want to impress people for Halloween? Although the virgin killer sweater is not widely available yet, but you can be find some very sexy ones on Amazon already! So get one now, if you dare…