Mar 3, 2020

Fusuma: The Sliding Doors of Traditional Japanese Architecture


Fusuma is a type of sliding door that is commonly found in traditional Japanese architecture. These doors are typically made of wooden frames covered in paper or cloth and slide along a grooved track to open and close. They are an essential part of Japanese homes and are used to separate rooms and create privacy.

Fusuma doors were first introduced in Japan during the Heian period (794-1185) and have been used ever since. They are often decorated with intricate artwork or calligraphy, and can also be used as a canvas for expressing traditional Japanese aesthetics such as Wabi-sabi (the beauty of imperfection) and Shibui (a simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty).

One of the unique features of Fusuma is that they are modular and can be easily replaced or rearranged to suit different needs. This means that homeowners can create custom living spaces that adapt to their changing lifestyles and needs.

Fusuma doors are not only functional but also have cultural and symbolic significance in Japanese society. They are seen as a reflection of the country's values of simplicity, elegance, and harmony with nature. Additionally, they are often used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and other cultural practices.

In recent years, Fusuma has gained popularity beyond Japan and has become a popular design element in modern architecture. Many architects and interior designers have incorporated these sliding doors into their designs to create a sense of privacy and intimacy while still maintaining an open and flexible living space.

In conclusion, Fusuma is an integral part of traditional Japanese architecture, known for its functionality, beauty, and adaptability. Whether you're interested in traditional Japanese design or modern architecture, incorporating Fusuma into your living space can help create a unique and personalized living environment.


Here are some benefits of fusuma. 

  • It can give more lights into your home, and with this connection, you can buy additional glass so that even though your fusuma is close natural sunlight will pour into your rooms. 
  • Fusuma also serves as a space-saving solution. If your home is so little in space, it can be widened more, or it can be added additional space with the help of FUSUMA. 
  • FUSUMA may also be called a door for every home because it easily adapts to any space and style of your home. 
  • FUSUMA can be designed as the door of your home. It can be expanded, and it can be folded too. 
  • Open space divider is also another benefit of fusuma. This is best suitable to an open- plan homes with no doors. FUSUMA gives privacy for an open plan home. On the other way around, when the sliding door is open, it comes back again in a large space suitable for large family members. 

This shows that FUSUMA can switch your home from a little space into a larger space and vice versa from a larger space into a smaller space depending on course on the moods of each family member. Are you looking for room dividers? 

Sliding doors as the FUSUMA is associated with the answer. If you want, for example, to make one of the spaces in your home to be a multifunction one, you can make it out of FUSUMA. Like for instance, if you want to make a little office out of your much space bedroom wall, you can divide the space into two by just putting or installing sliding doors. In this instance, Fusuma can also serve as a divider for the privacy of every member of your family. It can be associated, for instance, to your children arguing in staying in just one bedroom but then there is no such privacy among them. That bedroom, when it is too much large for a one space, can be made into two bedrooms but just installing sliding doors as a divider. 

So, no arguing, no hassle, and provides privacy among the family members most especially to your children. Not only for bedrooms, but an open plan kitchen-living rooms are also in trend. You can make this possible by using FUSUMA sliding doors. Without the fear of smelling your bedrooms just like a kitchen, then just plan to put FUSUMA on it. It will elegantly divide one area into two areas. A dual-purpose space, as mentioned before, is used to be open-plan kitchen-living rooms.

Also, for special mentioning, those who are in the field of interior and exterior designing FUSUMA can be a big help to them? They can make pouches and terraces perfect with viewing great views. They can make couches warmer as every member of the family gaze up at the stars. They can make every member of the family get to enjoy wonderful meals without having to constantly traipse in out of the house.

Traditional fusuma, most particularly the sliding doors, are usually made of just natural material, wood, and paper. For instance, SHOJI is made from translucent paper fixed over a light frame of wood that also holds together a lattice made either from bamboo or also from wood. This design keeps the doors, which can also serve as windows or simply room dividers, incredibly light, and easy to open and close. 

Two Types of Sliding Doors 

Giving you the info of two types of sliding doors: the first type is barn doors (which slide back over the wall) second type is pocket doors (which disappear into a compartment in the wall)

Giving you some tips for installing fusuma sliding doors, which relates to barn doors and pockets doors. Tips for installing pockets doors since that it requires a double-wall, you’ll need to invest a little more to have them fitted. You can also attach furniture on it like bookshelves to make them a little less conspicuous. Additional tip info barn doors, they are said to be cheaper and easier to install. Regarding the materials, you have many choices to choose from. Pick among the material of wood, metal, glass, and paper. About choosing the right door tracks, you must consult a professional. The material and type of door you’ve chosen should be compatible. You should also really choose beautiful and decorative designs with this regard that will make your doors stand out from the crowd. By installing doors made of any type of glass, the room will be much brighter and cooler.

Interior sliding doors can also be given emphasis here because interior sliding doors are a great choice for your home. It also has a way to amplify and unify the space in your home. It can also help to optimize your space. This helps you open up a space into your home. It opens up small, purposeful spaces, which are not possible with normal doors. If you have a small home where every square foot count, interior sliding doors will give you the spaciousness you need to be able to move around easily.

Ending up this article, maybe some are asking why fusuma sliding doors are so loved, especially by Japanese people? For the reason that it can make your home more beautiful and versatile, allow you to connect your rooms into your home, allow some area of your  home to be a private place, and with regards to interior and exterior designing, it can make your home much elegant looking the way it may seem. Fusuma, as general saying, can make your home become a magical one because it can transform the area, space, looks, surroundings, and ambiance of your home. Your home will have a look that you can only imagine possible.