Aug 30, 2019



Are you young and yet to get married? You could qualify to wear a furisode in a social event such as a wedding. Though many people generalize a kimono as a single piece of attire, this garment comes in different types, and a furisode is one of them. In Japan, people wear specific types of kimono on different occasions. If you want to wear one, you should, therefore, understand the rules that apply so that you don't disrespect the culture.

Young females are known to wear furisode, which is one of the most stunning forms of kimono. You can distinguish it from other types due to its long sleeves. It contains sleeves that range from 80-100 cm long. The designers of the authentic furisode attach the sleeves to the kimono's body for only a short distance.

This is a formal garment that is mostly made from brightly colored silk. Since the furisode is not cheap, many ladies wear it during specific events such as the coming of age day, or a tea ceremony. The parents of such young ladies can either buy a furisode for such occasions or rent them out. Wearing a furisode signifies that you are an adult ready for marriage. The sleeves were used by the young generation to express affection towards men.

The origin of a furisode

This gown has existed since the 1500s. It was initially worn by both genders and was specifically designed for upper-class children. The original pieces of the furisode came with shorter sleeves, and children of the elite used to wear them every day. As times changed, the sleeves of the furisode became longer, and the Japanese started wearing this garment on special occasions.

Based on the culture, young girls were expected to wear this garment until they reached 20 years. The fabric designs of the furisode started favoring girls more than boys. By the 20 century, the furisode was restricted to ladies alone. Initially, this formal gown was to be worn by ladies between the ages of 13 and 24.

The age of wearing a furisode has also changed since nowadays, even unmarried women of less than 30 years also wear it. One should, however, be keen on the color and the patterns that they choose for their furisodes. You need to pick one that is ideal for you, depending on your age. After marriage, the long sleeves of a furisode can be curt short according to the Japanese tradition.

Are there types of furisode?

The furisode comes in numerous types depending on the sleeve lengths. A short-sleeved furisode is known as a Ko- furisode while a long-sleeved one is an oh- furisode. This fine gown also comes in different patterns which have different meanings. You will find most of the furisodes containing flower patterns. For instance, one that has Botan flower patterns is a symbol of wealth and happiness. Other furisodes are adorned with Kiku, which is a royal flower that is believed to drive away bad luck.