Jul 31, 2019

Chabudai reviews


Do you have a small living area and are in search of furniture that can save you some extra space? You should consider buying Japanese items. According to their culture, the Japanese have portable furniture that comes in small sizes, which are perfect for confined spaces. 

One of the items that you could buy is a chabudai. This is a small sized table that is common in traditional homes in Japan. It is a short-legged table and is used together with a zabuton. Chabudai tables come in different varieties, as discussed below.

Zen Bamboo 

Are you in search of a simple but elegant coffee table? Zen Bamboo can give you home a modern touch due to its natural bamboo legs and a classy countertop finish. You can gather your family around it for dinner or use it as part of your work station. The size is also convenient since it can fit in different spaces. 

The use of bamboo to make this table helps in the conservation of the environment. It also enhances the sturdiness of the chabudai. This table can bear heavy weight of up 100 kg without straining. It is designed using a bamboo pole and canvas. Despite its sturdy structure, you can still move it around your house with ease. 

Underneath the table is enough storage space for things like a few magazines. If you have young ones, buying this table can promote safety since it comes with anti-collision corners. These protect the child from being knocked down quickly. 

Pros :
· It has a smooth surface 
· Extra storage space 

Cons :
· It is not cost-effective

Table tea tatami bamboo 

Express your unique style by choosing a one of a kind chabudai. Adding it to a living room can help you create an attractive focal point. It is a rectangular table that is also made from bamboo. Since it is extended, it is multipurpose. 

You will also love the smooth surface of this table and its rich brown color. The tabletop is also quite thick. Due to the use of quality material, this authentic table is anti-scratch, moisture-proof, and water-proof. It can also resist high temperature and offers firm support. 

· Easy to operate 
· Has a high carry capacity 
· Made from high-quality materials 

Cons :
· It may be cumbersome to move around

Five pieces set dining table 

Make your home stand out by adding a modern dining table. This comes with some Zaisu chairs that complete the set. The Japanese table is foldable, making it easy to store. It is made from Walnut Plywood, which is a high-quality material for furniture. 

Apart from decoration purposes, you can use the set to take your breakfast as you spend time bonding with your loved ones. Its unique look also adds a sense of rustic Asian Flair to your living space. You can place a beautiful bouquet on the table to make it more stunning. 

· Has foldable legs 
· Comes as a complete dining set 
· Unique look 

· It is expensive

Coffee tables 

Would you like to add a chabudai in your balcony? You can choose this type of table for space. It is a small wooden table that does not occupy a lot of space. Use it during your reading time as you relax and bask from your balcony. 

It is a versatile table that is ideal for both interior and exterior spaces. Since it is portable, you can move it from your house to your garden with ease. It is a low table that is made from Paulownia wood. You can also place it next to your bed or bay window and use it to put a computer on it. 

· It is water-proof 
· The table is resistant to different weather conditions 
· Has thick legs 

· Some people report that the materials used feel cheap

Azumaya coffee center table 

This is convenient to use since you can fold its legs and store it in its upright position. The manufacturer also uses natural rubber wood to create the table. The urethane stain coating is used in the finishing of this Japanese style table. It makes it look contemporary and modern. 

· It comes pre-assembled 
· Made natural materials 

· It lacks a secure clip to hold it in position while folded. 


Whether you have limited space or are searching for a versatile table, Chabudai will not let you down. These tables are made from high-quality materials and can fit your every need. The ability to fold them is a plus.