Sep 25, 2018

Finding the right Chabudai for your home


Are you looking for a low table to add to your home? The chabudai is an ideal choice. This Japanese table is different from the normal table we are used to. Its height is a few centimeters from the ground making it a unique piece.

You can use it to study or work from a comfortable level without using the high tables or chairs that can affect your sitting positions. You can also bond with other family members as you all enjoy a good meal from this table.

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Our society has changed, and family ties are no longer as important as they used to be in the past. A chabudai table can bring a family together by sharing meals in one large place instead of individual portions.

If your teen children have a habit of eating from their rooms, you can get this table to encourage family time. You can get a chabudai for sale on Amazon and pick a good quality piece.

Chabudai history According to the Japanese culture, there were no family dinners before the industrial revolution. Only men could sit to take meals since women were never allowed to take meals in the same setting as me. That is why tables were never initially used. People ate on tatami trays.

During the Meiji period, people started importing pieces of furniture in Japan. The craftsmen in Japan began making the chabudai from the idea they got from the new furnishings. They have always valued their culture of sitting on the ground, therefore, made a table that was close to the floor integrating the two ideas. This led to the birth of the famous chabudai table.

A lot of homes in Japan have been using these tables for years now. The first chabudai set was only 15 cm from the ground. The table went along with tatami or zabuton which were used as chairs back then. These families enjoyed the use of a chabudai table since it is easy to store and move.

This table is equipped with folding legs that increase convenience. The table served different purposes such as studying, taking dinner or working from it. Sitting is an important aspect of the Japanese culture. They believe in staying close to the ground.

During winter, the Japanese had to look for an accommodating mechanism without compromising on their comfort. That is why they substituted the chabudai with a kotatsu which was still a short-legged bench but came with a heater beneath to warm themselves.

Looking at a Chabudai versus a kotatsu, the chabudai has foldable legs while a kotatsu has a top that can be removed. The purpose may be similar, but the inclusion of a heater in the kotatsu makes it suitable for cold days. A kotatsu has a heavy blanket on top covering the table top. In the past, a charcoal brazier was used as the main source of heat, but electricity is now used to make modern tables of this kind.

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The integration of the chabudai is what made people continue using it up to today. It was not to act as a substitute to the dining tray that they initially used. People implemented a new strategy of serving meals form one large surface and therefore continued using this table up to now.

[caption id="attachment_156" align="alignnone" width="880"] A Chubudai surrounded by four zaisu floor chairs.[/caption]

What is chabudai gaeshi?

This is a famous phrase in Japan which symbolizes to flip the table (chabudai). It is used to express anger, frustration or outburst.

Things to consider in buying chabudai

[caption id="attachment_173" align="alignnone" width="768"] There are severals variables to consider when buying a Chubudai. Here you can see some options as offered by Nitori (ニトリ) in Japan.[/caption]

1. Materials

Japanese manufacturers of original chabudai select the wood carefully and inspect it to eliminate any imperfections before they can cut it in different dimensions and shapes. You may find different handcrafted chabudai tables that are made from materials such as pine, wood, stain, and oak. Get one from an authentic antique that uses high-quality material to make chabudai.

2. Design and size

The space that you have in your room determines the size that you choose for a chabudai. Some of them are a bit pronounced than others. For a big family, you can buy a big-sized low table. These tables also come in different designs. There are round and square chabudais.

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3. Finish

The finishing of your table determines how you can maintain it. For instance, lacquer is a good finishing element that is used on some chabudais. This makes it easy to clean and also add to its aesthetic value. Some craftsmen use different layers of lacquer to bring out various colors. Such a piece would look magnificent in your room.

A chabudai table that has been coated with oil looks better in appearance since it brings out the color of its grain. Choose a dealer that offers you different variety when it comes to stains so that you choose one that the most appealing to your eyes. The stains on chabudai low tables bring out a natural look on them. Some also come in the smell of cedar which is also impressive.

4. Mobility

How portable is your chabudai? You can easily determine this from its weight and collapsible features. A folding chabudai is easy to move around the home and store in a limited area.


Why do you need a Japanese table? The reasons for getting one vary among individuals. Some are used as coffee tables or dining while others are used as working benches. By identifying the purpose, you can choose one that is the right fit for you depending on the table height.

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After buying the best chabudai, you need tips on how to maintain it well so that it can serve you for years. Your low table is prone to catching dust, water stains or ink marks depending on how you use. Regular dusting is essential, but there is more you should do to keep it shining and extend its lifespan.

A combination of polish and dust form a dark film on your table. That is why you need to conduct deep cleaning periodically. You can start by dusting it as usual then get rid of any light soiling on it. Use a gentle cleaner to maintain the piece of wood for you not to interfere with its finishing.

Mix water and soap together to form a solution and get a soft cloth to use. Remember that your cloth should be damp and not wet to prevent saturating the wooden material of your chabudai. After cleaning your table, you can leave it outside your balcony to dry completely.

You can also remove the water stains that may be caused by placing hot drinks on your chabudai. In this case, get some toothpaste and put it on the affected area and rub the surface using a soft cloth. This will lift the stain within minutes. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda to get rid of a stubborn stain. Ensure you wipe the paste on the area after cleaning then leave your table to dry.

With age, your table may accumulate polish without you expecting it. You can still revitalize your antique by using tea bags. Place the tea bags in water that is boiling and allow the tea to cool up to room temperature. Damp a soft piece of cloth into the tea and use on the surface of your table. Strong tea contains tannic acid which is ideal for chabudai wood. It will leave your table looking shiny and as good as new.

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Final thoughts

It is with no doubt that the chabudai is here to stay. This piece symbolizes harmony in a family as it brings people together. You can now buy chabudai online as you compare the different pieces displayed in various sites. Remember to put into consideration the factors that we have outlined to get one that you will enjoy using for years. Get a chabudai today!

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