Feb 25, 2020

Buckwheat Pillow - A Japanese Pillow


Sobakawa is another term the Japanese pillow, which is the buckwheat pillow. This one is a traditional pillow in Japan that is full of hulls that in enclose with buckwheat seeds. This pillow is flexible under compression, but what is good about this is that it can give firm, silhouette support that allows one to have a proper and relaxing rest of neck and head positioning. 

This type of pillow that can be found in Japan is said to ease rigidity and strain all throughout the spinal alignment. Because of those things, buckwheat pillow is now popularly known as a support aide for someone who wants a good night's rest and sleeps. This was used widely throughout the orient a long time ago. This has been the number one pillow, the number one choice in Japan. Some also believed that this type of pillow gives a therapeutic effect or benefits way better than Japan’s feather pillows and other traditional foams.

What Is Buckwheat? 

For you to better visualize what type of pillow is Sobakawa, you need to know first what’s inside the pillow? Well, this one is filled with buckwheat. As with other pillows in the market, buckwheat is not created of the same size. Its size varies. A buckwheat pillow is known to have better reviews and the number one choice in Japan when it comes to a pillow. The good thing about this is that you can tailor the pillow’s firmness with you alone. The firmness that you want will depend on your sleep preference. It will now be easy for you to choose pillow size since you can actually remove buckwheat or add some more. Just a tip, you can keep extra hulls because chances are, your pillow might compress a little after one or two weeks of use. 

Buckwheat is a grain, perhaps a seed-like homegrown in Asia. It has used both for feeding animals and for human consumption for centuries. This grain is typically taken as a fruit growing within a husk or a casing shaped like a shell protecting its insides as the seeds mature. This seed is not suitable for eating but has been used in several ways. One use is for filling the Japanese pillow, which is popularly known as the buckwheat pillow. Some also use this for mattresses. Moreover, buckwheat is now used all over the world as it gives nutritional benefits, and its usage has spread widely on the continent. 

Several pillow companies usually add the benefits of buckwheat to what they offer. Though this, buckwheat pillow has been known worldwide and available anywhere. the pillow companies removed the seeds from its hulls. Then they clean the hulls so that it can be used in the material casing. Usually, cases came from natural fibers like silk and cotton. These two can be added or remove, that’s how adjustable a buckwheat pillow can be. You can always refresh the hull as long as you want to use the pillow. 

Similar to the traditional pillows in the market, Sobakawa or the buckwheat pillow also has its benefits and side effects. Due to its simple design, it is easier for someone to identify the simple benefits as well as the side effects of a buckwheat pillow. However, the benefits and side effects of this pillow differs from person to person. Some will find discomfort, and some may find relief in using the buckwheat pillow. if you are more cautious about pillow picking, then let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this number one choice pillow in Japan. 

Benefits of Buckwheat Pillow

Better Sleep

if you are not yet aware, the buckwheat pillow has been the most popular type of pillow in Japan because it definitely supports spinal alignment and proper posture. If you think you need an extra thin pillow that could surely support and hold the level of your head between the shoulders, then is one can be a great help. It also gives support to a gap made by your neck’s arch. This is the best material that you can use between your head and shoulders, or when you sleep on your sides.

This reduces snoring

The reason behind the people who snore is that they have a poor posture during sleep. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean that this address is snoring problems, especially to those who often suffer from apnea during their sleep, still this can help you have a good posture during sleep. With a better posture during sleep, this will let your airways open all through the night.

Muscle Support

Poor sleep posture is one cause of back and neck pain that is both not caused by any illness or injury. As mentioned earlier, a buckwheat pillow can support your neck, and your head to be in the right position during your sleep. This will give true relaxation all night.

Aids in Airflow for a Cooler Rest

This type of pillow doesn’t only support your airways. This also allows airflow that can provide you with better sleep. It doesn’t compress unless given heavyweight. This will also give a good sleep since this pillow doesn’t hold heat or radiate.

Help in Migraine comfort

Though there may be several causes of migraines, some studies focus on the alignment of the spinal, strain of the soft tissue, pressure points, and airway support. The cause may differ from one person to another. There have been proofs and reports that using a buckwheat pillow lesson or reduces migraines. It is mainly because of the fact of how it supports the airways and your soft tissues. Also, with the support that it provides with your neck and skull, this will surely lead to relaxation.

Hypoallergenic and Resistant to Dust

This material does not tempt insects or bugs. These pillows are considered as dust mite resistant as well as hypoallergenic with the fact that they can give a perfect airflow, which is not good for those issues above. However, if you are quite sensitive to plants, you may visit your doctor for a piece of advice though there are few cases about buckwheat allergies. 

Long Lasting

On average, this buckwheat pillow can be used until ten long years if properly taken care of. Because of its quality like its thickness, this will surely last longer than any other ordinary foam pillows out there. With the well-sewn zippers, it only shows that it is really durable. One more thing, you can replace the hulls if you want to, so better to keep an extra hull.


As mentioned above, you can add or remove hulls from this pillow. it may now depend on you, on how it may give comfort to you. The number of hulls is important for the relaxation of your neck and back. If you are a side sleeper, then you should make your pillow a little bit high, whereas, for the back support and stomach support, you should pick a thin buckwheat pillow.

Hopefully, those mentioned benefits above can help you in choosing the right pillow for you. As for the cons of buckwheat, it is only with regard to their quality. The durability of the pillow may differ depending on the weight given to it, as well as how it was made. The better way to avoid this con is to do a research about the company. 

Buckwheat is a popular pillow type in Japan. With its benefits, you will surely choose it among any other traditional pillow over and over.