May 1, 2023

Boyfriend Pillow


We all know that feeling when our boyfriend is gone. Lonely, sad, and we don't have someone to cuddle up to. Your home, bed and life can feel very empty without your loved one. Personally, the first few nights my boyfriend is away from home are the hardest. I guess I just miss someone to cuddle up to. A couple of months ago my boyfriend brought me a surprise before he left for another one of his business trips; a boyfriend pillow… Since then I always sleep with my arms wrapped around my boyfriend pillow and I always have something to cuddle up to when my hubby is gone.

One of the main reasons why boyfriend pillows are popular is because Kurt (Chris Colfer) had one in Glee. Despite that many people make fun of this item, using a boyfriend pillow can actually have a lot of psychological advantages. Cuddling has been proven to have many positive effects on people’s health, and a boyfriend pillow could possibly preserve these positive vibes while your boyfriend is gone. So, hug that boyfriend pillow extra tight while your boyfriend is gone, and use it in any way that you like.
What is a boyfriend pillow?
Probably most of you who visit this site already know what a boyfriend pillow is. For those that do not yet know what it is, here is a brief description. A boyfriend pillow is a pillow that is specially designed to replace your boyfriend. They usually are shaped like one half of a guy's upper body, including an arm, but usually excluding a head. In the picture below you can see what a basic boyfriend pillow looks like. You can position yourself on the pillows chest, and wrap the arm around yourself, so it feels like your boyfriend is holding and hugging you during your sleep. It is hard to give an exact description of how to use your bf pillow, because there is not a single way that is correct. One of the most common ways is to use the pillow in your bed before or when you are sleeping. I recommend you to just use it in the way that you love most. Boyfriend pillows are popular among women of all ages in Japan, where they often serve as a permanent replacement of real boyfriends.

What kind of boyfriend pillows are available?
There are a variety of boyfriend pillows available. Obviously, the one most suited for you depends on your preferences. Online you can find many different types of boyfriend pillows. The simplest form that is available is the boyfriend arm pillow. It usually has the shape of a chest and comes with an arm (including hand) attached to it. It can be very comforting to rest your head on the shoulder of the pillow, and to wrap the arm around you. Most women look for knitted, flannel , or “glowing” boyfriend pillows. As you can see in the pictures, there are also “muscular” and dressed up boyfriend pillows available. In this way, you will always be able to find a boyfriend pillow that looks similar to your own boyfriend (if you have one and if you want your pillow to be similar to him, that is). You can also choose a boyfriend pillow in a color that your boyfriend uses a lot, but pink, black, and red are very popular colors for a lot of women. Want to make your room look a little more edgy? A zebra print or jaguar print could be ecaxtly the thing that you are looking for. Don’t forget to check out the size of the boyfriend pillow that you’re buying – they come in large, but also in small sizes.

But that’s not all – there are even boyfriend pillows available that have a face, or that have a heartbeat! And: how about a full body boyfriend pillow (with arms, hands, legs, and possibly a head), or a heated version? The options are endless. If regular pillows give you back aches, consider getting a boyfriend pillow made of memory foam. You can’t get any cozier or more comfortable than that!

These images give you an example of what a boyfriend pillow could look like!
Where to buy a boyfriend pillow?
There are different places to buy a boyfriend pillow, and the best place for you to purchase one might depend on where you are located. In the U.S., there are not so many physical stores that offer a wide choice of pillows. However, there are a lot of boyfriend pillows for sale online.

Of course, you can make a boyfriend pillow yourself, because there are many sewing patterns available to knit your own pillow. However, it’s not expensive to buy one that you like online. Amazon is a great and cheap option if you’re looking for any boyfriend pillow in particular, or if you’re looking for a cover for the boyfriend pillow that you already own. Check out the list below to find out what other online sellers are out there to meet your needs!

Amazon: Amazon is probably your best source for any type of boyfriend pillow. Whether you’re looking for a cheap boyfriend pillow, a Japanese boyfriend pillow, or just some reviews, Amazon has it for you. Looking for free and fast (or next-day) shipping? If you have Amazon Prime, you should be able to get exactly what you want. If you live in the UK, definitely check out Amazon UK.

Target: Target does not have boyfriend pillows available that have the exact shape of an arm or body, but they do have some pillows available that can make sitting or sleeping much more comfortable. A bed rest pillow (which has a U-shape) is an ideal option if you want to rest your back and arms more comfortably in bed (for example). Almost as if your boyfriend is wrapping his arms around you! Keep in mind that some of their bed rests are only available in-store.

Ikea: At Ikea you can find many pillows that are specially designed for the way that you like to sleep. They also offer hug-your-pillow sleepers, which are similar to boyfriend pillows. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, check out their physical stores as well (if you have one near your house).

Ebay: Ebay is your ultimate source to anything you can think of. The nice thing about eBay is that you can negotiate about the price, so if you are looking for a cheap boyfriend pillow, eBay might be your best bet.

Sears: The DeluxeComfort boyfriend pillow is a classic example of the boyfriend pillow – for $40.54, you have a fun and original gift for your partner or friend.

Walmart: The Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Muscle Man Arm Plush Throw Pillow (sold and shipped by Wayfair) is perfect for those women who love a well-toned and bronzed masculine body. This pillow is also available in black (for a lower price). They also have Body Pillows that have a dressed torso (these ones cost $35).

Groupon: For only $20.00, you can get a boyfriend or even a girlfriend pillow (that comes with boobs!).

Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Although they don’t have the original boyfriend cuddle pillows, they do have a lot of nice backrests.

Aliexpress: Starting from as cheap as $10.00, you can find many options here.

Alibaba: Want to buy a large amount of boyfriend pillows? Alibaba sells pillows for as little as $1 if you buy a batch order. Perfect for big bachelorette parties!

Etsy: For unique designs, Etsy might be worth a try.

DIY: Prefer to make a boyfriend pillow yourself instead? Check out Pinterest for patterns, prints, and instructions. On Youtube, Tumblr, and BuzzFeed, you can also find interesting videos and useful tutorials on how to create your own boyfriend pillow, and how to wash it. And while you’re at it – check out the “Boyfriend Pillow Offers Comfort” commercial on Youtube!

The boyfriend pillow – an awesome invention!
There are basically two ways you can look at this item. You can take it seriously, and consider the positive psychological (and physical) effects the boyfriend pillow has on you. The¥is substitute boyfriend will calm you down, and might even help you sleep more relaxed. Besides, it can make reading in bed so much more comfortable. But of course, it also makes a great and unique gift to play a prank on someone – I mean, how did the creator even come up with this idea! Or how about handing them out during a girl’s slumber party, or perhaps it is something to have fun with during you best friend her bachelorette party? You can even put it on some shirts or other clothes!

Whether you live in Japan, USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia: you can order your own boyfriend pillow from anywhere in the world. Comb the Internet and you’ll find some great hidden deals that suit your needs. You’ll never be alone again at night!