Some people are wondering what a SHAMOJI is. Shamoji is a flat rice paddle used in East Asian Cuisine. It is used to stir and serve rice and mix vinegar into the rice to make sushi. It is made traditionally


You may ask, what is FUSUMA? Fusuma are those sliding panels, which act as both walls and doors commonly found traditional houses and buildings in Japan. These panels are usually made from materials like papers, woods, cardboards, as well as


Have you ever heard about this word Kakebuton? Well, probably some of you are wondering what is? Or what does it can do? To cut any confusion, lets us know more about what it is. Getting to Know What Is


It’s so traditional that Japanese people love to taste kakigori dessert as part of their eating habits. Kakigori is a shaved ice dessert top with delicious syrup, fruits, and condensed milk. Japanese people fun to eat this probably during summertime,


Are you somewhat curious about Japanese culture, tradition, and practices? Do you know what is meant by Gohonzon? Below are pieces of information that might help you. What is Gohonzon? For you to understand better what Gohonzon is, you may

Japanese Calligraphy Sets

Introduction: Are you aware that writing can also be an art form? In Japanese culture, it is possible. It is because the Japanese make use of two writing styles simultaneously, namely, kanji and kana. The former is an ideogram that